Warhammer 40K Championships Survey Results

Those of us involved with AdeptiCon tend to talk a lot about AdeptiCon. Don’t believe me? Just ask our significant others! They’d claim that we talk about it all the time! It’s particularly true on the Warhammer 40K side of the house. We yammer incessantly about the latest Games Workshop releases, current rumors, Forge World rules and models, event formats, point values, mission designs, and a host of other topics.

Feedback from our attendees is used to provide direction and scope for these discussions. We consider it to be the most interesting and most important item to consider for the next AdeptiCon. These surveys are used to measure the perception of players on what went well and where we need to improve. After all, we’re trying to make a better experience every time you come to AdeptiCon.

With the recent barrage of Games Workshop releases, Warhammer 40K has undergone a tremendous amount of change. The sixth edition of Warhammer 40K is only a little over a year old, and since the last AdeptiCon Games Workshop has released new army books for Tau, Eldar, Space Marines and the Inquisition, as well as supplements for Iyanden, Farsight Enclave, Adeptus Sororitas, Black Legion and Sentinels of Terra. If you include Forge World releases such as Imperial Armor Apocalypse, Imperial Armour Volume Twelve: The Fall of Orpheus, Imperial Armour Volume Three Second Edition: The Taros Campaign. Horus Heresy Two: Massacre, that’s a mountain of new content to absorb and evaluate for our tournaments. Add six months of digital releases and, and you can see the scope of our endeavor; and we have less than 150 days before the doors open on AdeptiCon 2014!

This year, we conducted a targeted survey of our 2013 Warhammer 40K Championship participants. We had a total 227 unique email addresses associated with accounts used to sign up for the 2013 event. Before anyone asks...wasn't the Championships sold out at 256 players? How is it possible that we only had 227 accounts? Several people purchased multiple tickets and in those cases we only collect the email address of the account holder.

It is also important for context to take into account the format for last year when viewing the results of our survey. For the AdeptiCon 2013 Warhammer 40K Championships:
  • Armies consisted of 1850 points or less.
  • All players played 2-hour-and-30 minute rounds.
  • Forge World/Imperial Armor units were NOT allowed.
  • Players placed terrain.
We sent the survey to 227 email addresses. Of those, 5 emails returned as undeliverable, leaving use with a total of 222 surveys sent out to last year’s attendees. The survey was open from 10/22 through 10/28. From those 222 requests, we received a total of 104 responses over the seven days.

The Results:

The overwhelming majority of respondents preferred 1850 points.

Less than 14% of respondents were unable to finish their games in 2 hrs and 30 minutes.

Roughly 52% of respondents prefer that Forge World/Imperial Armour units be excluded.

57% of respondents preferred the alternating terrain placement rules.

These results were considered along with verbal feedback received during and after AdeptiCon, the changes to the Warhammer 40K rules mentioned above, and how the Warhammer 40K Championships fit into our overall tournament offerings. Our conclusions:
  • The Championships will remain at 1850 points.
  • Round times will be expanded to 2 hrs and 45 mins.
  • Forge World will not be included in the Warhammer 40K Championships, but will remain a component of other tournaments.
  • Terrain placement will be similar to last year.
We would once again like to thank those that took the time to respond to the survey. The motto of AdeptiCon has always been, “By Gamers, for Gamers” and that is never more evident than when our valued attendees take the time to make their voices heard. We look forward to seeing you all at AdeptiCon 2014!

- AdeptiCon 2014 Staff (and their significant others)

P.S. Current draft rules for the AdeptiCon 2014 Warhammer 40K Championships can be found here.


  1. I'm really glad to see the player-placed terrain remaining a feature. I thought it was the most innovative addition to any tournament on the GT level last year, and it really adds some extra strategy to the game.

  2. I also enjoyed the player-placed terrain. Adepticon terrain is kind of big compared to a "regular" table, so it's not as important as in a pick-up game, but I still think it's really cool. Kudos on the 2:45 time limit, too. Looks like it's going to be another good year!

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