Change Will Do You Good

It's that time again! We’re all gearing up for AdeptiCon 2013 and the Warhammer Fantasy Battles events are seeing a number of changes. In the months that followed AdeptiCon 2012, we received some very constructive feedback on how to help make the Warhammer Fantasy Battles events in 2013 even better.

The first thing most people will notice is the changes to the schedule. The Warhammer Fantasy Battles Team Tournament has moved to Friday, with the Warhammer Fantasy Battles Championship becoming a full two-day event on Saturday and Sunday. The Championships will now feature an additional round making it a 5-game tournament. In addition to the change of days, the schedule is also being expanded to create a more player-friendly environment. Expect longer games and longer breaks, allowing you more time to grab something to eat/drink, browse the vendor hall and experience all that AdeptiCon 2013 has to offer. This also means there will be an earlier finish to Friday and Saturday night events, giving you the opportunity to socialize and see friends that you may only get to see at AdeptiCon or other gaming events.

You might also see something missing this year...the Warhammer Fantasy Battles Big Brawl. In the past, the Big Brawl was run opposite of the ‘How You Use It’ tournaments, as an alternative style event. With AdeptiCon expanding the schedule well into Thursday, there was some uncertainty regarding the attendance of these events, as people were now required to take more time off from work and family...something that is just not feasible feasible for everyone. The interim solution was to run two ‘How You Use It’ tournaments on Thursday in order to give our players more schedule flexibility throughout the entire weekend. If the demand for Thursday events far exceeds what is offered, then expect the Big Brawl to return in 2014.

We’ll talk about some other changes in future blog posts, but this is a good starting point for now. As an organizer, I am personally very excited about the changes that have been implemented and I look forward to seeing everyone at AdeptiCon 2013!

-Alex Gonzalez, WFB Coordinator

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