Colossals Diorama by Privateer Press: Update

The Privateer Press Colossals Diorama will be on display all weekend long at AdeptiCon 2012. You will find this beast residing in the Magnolia Room along with endless hours upon hours of intense Warmachine and Hordes gaming. Stop by at any point to witness this truly colossal project in all it's glory!

Since our last update, the hobby team has been working on the stunning diorama display, and they have the photos to prove it. While Stuart Spengler set up the final touches for the main board and has started to lay down paint, Leo Carson completed the Khadoran Village, and Meg Maples lent her invaluable assistance to get the armies painted to the finest quality. This is a no-holds-barred confluence of effort, and we hope it shows.

Click on the image to the right to see a work-in-progress shot of the table being painted. The major ground features have been blocked and water effects have just been laid over the riverbed.

The Khadoran village is fully painted and ready to be demolished by cantankerous Dire Trolls. See how these buildings were made on the Privateer Press Hobby Blog.

For a job of this proportion, no tool is quite so efficient as the airbrush for achieving a smooth, consistent basecoat. For the Trollbloods, the models were separated into two categories: mostly skin and mostly leather. The former was based with Trollblood Base, the latter with Bootstrap Leather. The Khadorans were based with Khador Red Base. A layer of zenithal highlighting was then applied over the initial coats.

Here we see the Trollblood forces painted by Leo Carson and Meg Maples. Once completed, this diorama will feature a total of eight (!) huge-based models and hundreds of points of infantry, beasts, and warjacks. In order to get the models to stand without bases, each model has a pin painstakingly inserted through its foot.

Here’s the new plastic Blitzer being backed up by several War Wagons.

That’s all for this time! Keep checking back for more updates.

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