Colossals Diorama by Privateer Press at AdeptiCon 2012!

For the last two years Privateer Press has unveiled a new diorama at AdeptiCon that illustrates an iconic event from the WARMACHINE and HORDES world. When preparing for AdeptiCon 2012, we knew we wanted to feature perhaps the most exciting models we’ve yet produced: the mighty colossals.

This project began life, as many Privateer projects do, within the hallowed walls of our conference room. While there was no end of exciting possibilities discussed, two items in particular determined the final concept. First, we wanted to feature a climatic battle between WARMACHINE and HORDES factions. Second, we decided the central theme should revolve around a great train heist. After much deliberation over the details, these two ideas were shaped into a rough plan. This year’s AdeptiCon diorama features a Trollblood army, fronted by the mighty gargantuan Mountain Kings, assaulting a Khadoran supply train as it transports two of the hulking Khadoran Conquest colossals through a rugged mountain pass.

With this concept firmly in mind our hobby team, led by Stuart Spengler, began the construction process. First, Stuart created a rough small-scale mock-up of the scene as it had been described in the initial planning meeting. The mockup allowed Studio Manager Ron Kruzie and Creative Director Ed Bourelle the chance to review the overall composition of the scene in three dimensions. After some small adjustments, it was time for real construction to begin!

The board is composed of high-density insulation foam. Stuart began with a 4´ x 4´ base and then built up the rugged mountain terrain with several layers of foam.

Utilizing all manner of sharp tools, Stuart and his assistant Leo Carson-DePasquale carved stone faces into the foam. As appropriate when using multiple bladed instruments to wreak havoc, this task was driven by the use of blaring heavy metal music.

Once they had completed the basic cliff shapes, the hobby team began the long process of detailing the carvings with liberal amounts of filler, sand, and other construction materials. This is also when they started building the rail system, using plasticard and balsa wood.

Keep an eye out for updates on this epic project, and be sure to stop by the Privateer Press events area at this year’s AdeptiCon to see the fully completed diorama!

- Privateer Press Staff


  1. Holy hell, that's awesome! So very cool! I'm excited to see this in person!

  2. Mountain kings huh? I guess we just learned what the Troll colossal will be. Ya sneaky gits!

  3. I wonder if this is the unveiling of the Rhulic caster?

  4. Nvm...I see it is all huge based models on the diagram..

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