Warhammer Fantasy: The Times They Are A-changin'

Let's get right to it and cover two of the biggest questions/concerns received from the community at large about the Warhammer Fantasy Battles events at AdeptiCon 2012!

First off, we have a very big announcement! The single most common question we have received from the community is about the legality of the Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos book from Forge World. I am happy to say, that after careful consideration, we have decided to allow it. As of today, all units, Special Characters, and army lists from the Forge World book Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos will be legal options at AdeptiCon 2012! This includes the newest Chaos Dwarfs army list - a triumphant return indeed! Please note that you cannot mix Chaos Dwarfs/Demons of Chaos/Warriors of Chaos in a single army, as that follows the Alliance rules.

This decision was a lengthy one, as we wanted to have ample time to review the rules and make sure they were appropriate for our events. After much deliberation we have decided that they most certainly are! Like with every other army book, please make sure that if you fielding anything from Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos you bring a copy of the book with you and make it available to your opponents at all times. Most players have a general idea of what typical Warhammer Fantasy Battles units are capable of, but as this is a specialty book, we want to make sure that you have a copy for your opponent’s reference. This announcement also means that we will no longer be using the IndyGT Dwarfs of Chaos list for AdeptiCon 2012. I know Kevin Coleman and his team put quite a great deal of effort/work into that wonderful book, but for the sake of consistency, we will be using the Legion of Azgorh rules going forward.

The second topic is something a little more game related, and is always a hot topic of discussion. We have received a few emails from concerned attendees about the inclusion of Special Characters in some of the AdeptiCon 2012 events. Last year, at the time we drafted the rules, and we did not feel comfortable putting Special Characters into the mix with so little experience with 8th Edition. The concern was that unknown balance issues could be ridiculous and game ruining in certain situations. With more experience under our belts, we honestly see no reason to disallow them. It is the opinion of the organizers that composition is truly in the books now (although we’ll give you the 6th/7th edition power creep, that’s kinda hard to fight) and we should be embracing all parts of the game - along the same lines as allowing Wood Elves their additional forest. On a personal note, I run several other tournaments besides AdeptiCon and attend even more. All those that I have attended recently have allowed Special Characters and to be honest, Special Characters just aren’t that special. I’ve seen Teclis go 0-5 even with a good general and Bugman with no Anvil go 4-1. So this year, Special Characters are in for all AdeptiCon 2012 Warhammer Fantasy Battles events except the Team Tournament. If this decision impacts the general environment of the event in a negative way, nothing says we can’t change it for 2013 - but we at least want to give it the old college try. If the inclusion of Special Characters affects your decision on whether or not to participate, then by all means please vote with your feet! We would certainly like to have each and every one of you in attendance, but as a player you should not be forced to play in an environment that you do not agree with. That said, I do ask that you give it a chance, you may even like it!

- Alex Gonzalez, WFB Coordinator

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