Tournament Terrain Design Contest

This year, as part of the 10th Anniversary of AdeptiCon, we are proud to announce the AdeptiCon Terrain contest! At its core, the contest is simple and straight forward. We are looking for a few talented people to showcase their creativity when it comes to designing terrain. This is a chance to show off your best work and pick up some great prizes in the process!

We will accept designs for single elements (see below), full terrain pieces, and completely themed terrain sets. Winners will not only get the satisfaction of knowing that thousands of gamers will enjoy playing on their terrain, but AdeptiCon will reward the best submissions with AdeptiCon Weekend Badges, prizes from our sponsors, event vouchers, and cool swag!
  • 1st Place: $100.00 in retail product of your choice from any one of our AdeptiCon sponsors, an AdeptiCon Weekend Badge and we will pick up the tab for one hotel night on the AdeptiCon weekend at the Westin.
  • 2nd Place: $75.00 in retail product of your choice from any one of our AdeptiCon sponsors and an AdeptiCon Weekend Badge.
  • 3rd Place: $50 in retail product of your choice from any one of our AdeptiCon sponsors and an AdeptiCon Weekend Badge.
Entries that do not qualify for one of the top prizes, but are still usable will receive an AdeptiCon 2012 Weekend Badge.

What to do? Those interested in participating should design a piece, an element or even a whole terrain set. We will judge your submissions based on the following criteria:
  1. Consistency with Existing AdeptiCon Terrain: You can design additional elements for existing sets in which case we would consider how well they mesh with the existing terrain, or start completely new themes in which case you should follow the AdeptiCon modular design style. Our typical 40K table consists of 8 “terrain pieces” and has 25%-40% of the table coverage. See the following links for examples of our existing terrain sets: City Fight Terrain, Necron-themed Terrain, Hills, Trees and Ruins, Construction Examples
  2. Playability: AdeptiCon terrain should not only look great, but it should provide a great play experience. All terrain pieces for a 4x6 foot table should meet or exceed the 25% requirement and terrain sets/elements should be designed fairly with gameplay in mind.
  3. Durability: AdeptiCon terrain will take a beating. Terrain should not only be designed to withstand hundreds of games, but it should be designed to survive storage and transport. Terrain also should be easily repaired if damaged.
  4. Storability: AdeptiCon terrain elements are stored in totes that are roughly 20” h x 20” w x 32” d. Terrain elements should easily fit into this type of container.
  5. Replication: Each of the AdeptiCon terrain sets consist of 10-15 tables, as such, we need to be able to replicate your designs quickly and affordably. Consider the following:
    • Easily acquired and affordable materials (MDF, plasticard, foamboard)
    • Castable with resin or other materials.
    • Designs that can be laser cut.
Entries should be submitted by email no later than January 9th, 2012. If you have any additional questions, or want to submit your entry through the post, get in touch.
All entries must provide:
  • Documentation of the construction process (instructions)
  • Complete list of materials used
  • Photos of the construction process as necessary
  • Photos of a finished prototype
Basically, we should be able to look at your documentation and with the materials listed reproduce the prototype in a reasonable manner.

Hints: We need additional terrain ideas for all of our existing terrain sets, as well as fully develop additional full terrain set ideas. It’s the concepts, the themes, color palette and in some cases the building that we need your ideas for. Some of possible ideas for new themes include but are certainly not limited to:
  • "Chemical Field” theme, including things like large chemical tanks, tube sections, chemical pits, industrial field elements, etc.
  • “Chaos Wastes” elements similar to what you might find in the “Eye of Terror”.
  • 40K race specific elements/themes (Tau, Dark Eldar, Tyranid and the like).

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