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Let a man never stir on his road a step without his weapons of war; for unsure is the knowing when need shall arise of a spear on the way without.

With the release of Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition this past year, we have seen some major restructuring of the Warhammer Fantasy event rules, scoring systems and scenarios for AdeptiCon 2011. Of course, like anything that undergoes a significant change, this leads to a new crop of questions as players adjust to the new format.

Below you will find a handful of the more common questions that have been asked over the last few months regarding the Warhammer Fantasy events at AdeptiCon 2011. It is our hope that these answers will give you some insight into the new format, and help you better prepare for the convention.

Additional Q&A posts will follow as the need arises. As always, if you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to drop us a line.

Warhammer Fantasy General Questions

Will the new Orcs & Goblins book be allowed at AdeptiCon this year?
Unfortunately, no it will not be allowed. The deadline for rules changes for AdeptiCon was February 1st, including allowing new army books. We had a similar problem with Beastmen last year.

What's with the new rules for Dogs of War?
Real simple: this is a much more updated version that is more complete, similar to the IndyGT Dwarfs of Chaos list. We will have copies of both the Dogs of War and Regiments of Renown PDFs available at AdeptiCon should any rules questions arise.

If I have a Mage that can pick his spells (e.g., Seerstaff of Saphery), do they have to be declared on the army list when I turn it in to the judges?

What do I need to play at AdeptiCon Warhammer Fantasy events?
All necessary dice, templates, rulebooks, measuring device, and army lists required by the tournament rules.

Why no composition scoring?
At this point in 8th edition, we as organizers do not feel comp is necessary. If things change between now and next year, we will adjust as needed. With us being less than a year into 8th, we also did not feel comfortable allowing some things and barring others.

Why no Special Characters?
Unfortunately, all Special Characters are not created equal. We did not feel comfortable allowing some and barring others as we have in years past. There have also been issues with players bringing Special Characters to events that did not allow Special Characters because other events did allow them. This was done to streamline the entire weekend.

Will the Blood & Glory scenario be used?
Yes. Please prepare accordingly.

Will The Watchtower scenario be used?
No. Unfortunately, we simply do not have the sheer volume of watchtowers we would need to have that scenario be played effectively.

Can Daemons of Chaos armies be modeled on round bases?
While it makes things a little tricky, AdeptiCon has historically allowed Daemons to be modeled on both round and square bases and to be used in both systems.

Can I use an army made by a different company? Mantic Games for instance? What about Lord of the Rings models?
This question has been very popular with the release of other companies making models that can be used to represent WFB armies. According to the AdeptiCon Model Policy, the majority of the models used in the army must come from the respective game system. In keeping with that policy, the majority of the models in the army must be Warhammer Fantasy miniatures, and you may supplement the army with models from another company or line.

Warhammer Fantasy Team Tournament Questions

For the Team Tournament, our Alliance just went from Trusted to Suspicious and I have one of my characters in one of my partner’s unit. What happens? I can’t find it in the book!
After consulting with Games Workshop Customer Service, this is a question that they’ve never been asked before! So, after some lengthy discussion, here’s the rub: If at the end of the turn, after an Alliance goes from Trusted to Suspicious, if there are characters from your partner’s army in one of your units or vice versa, the unit pushes the character out immediately 1” of the unit in a direction that the character’s controller chooses. This includes Hidden models. He cannot join another unit if he/she is pushed out at the end of the turn he/she is pushed out.

How do Tomb Kings Incantations & the Lore of Vampires interact in the Team Tournament?
Well, this is one of those questions we’ve received that really should be made available to everybody. Tomb Kings Incantations can only be cast on Tomb Kings units per their Incantation rules in the description. If there are two Tomb Kings on a team, the players may only use Incantations on their own units. Invocation of Nehek can only be cast on Vampire Counts units per the spell description. If there are two Vampire Counts on a team, the players may only use Invocation on their own units. Vanhel’s Danse Macabre and Summon Undead Horde can be cast on friendly Undead units per their spell description, so can be used on Tomb Kings units.

I have a Cold-Blooded character in a unit that is not Cold-Blooded in the Team Tournament and the unit has to take a Leadership test. Can I use the Cold-Blooded rule for the test?
Man you guys come up with some interesting questions! On page 100 of the main rulebook, under Special Rules, Special Rules applying only to the character does not apply to the unit. So no, you cannot use the Cold-Blooded rule for the aforementioned Leadership test.

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