Questions In: Warhammer 40K Edition Part II

AdeptiCon 2011 is rapidly approaching and Warhammer 40K players across the world are preparing their forces to do battle in the war-torn wastelands of the Westin Lombard Yorktown Center!

Questions continue to roll in as the days dwindle and the time for definitive choices draws near! The following queries primarily deal with the Warhammer 40K Team Tournament and how units, wargear and special abilities interact within the event and amongst Team Members. The Warhammer 40K Team Tournament is unlike any game of Warhammer 40K most players have participated in, so it isn’t any wonder that it generates the most confusion!

Keep the questions coming! As always, if you have a question regarding any aspect of AdeptiCon, please drop us a line!

Responses to additional Warhammer 40K questions can be found in this previous post.

Warhammer 40K General Questions

Are Allied units from the Daemonhunters and/or Witch Hunters books allowed?
Yes. The new Grey Knights codex will not be released in time for it to be legal at AdeptiCon 2011. Witch Hunter/Daemonhunter allies work just like they always have out of the printed codex following the "Using Witch Hunters/Daemonhunters as Allies" rules. There are a few additions in regards to the Team Tournament to keep in mind:

Parent Codex: A Team Member’s Parent Codex is the codex from which his/her compulsory HQ and Troop selections are purchased from. Example: An army with Imperial Guard compulsory selections that also includes Daemonhunter selections uses Codex: Imperial Guard as its Parent Codex.


Note: Only Pure Imperial and pure Hybrid Teams can use Inquisitorial allies for other slots by following the "Using Witch Hunters as Allies" and "Using Daemonhunters as Allies" rules.

Do I need to paint all the possible spawn models in my army?
Ideally yes. Spawned creatures like Tyranid Termagants and Necron Scarab Swarms created by a Tomb Spider should be painted.

That said, you can recycle casualties (assuming you have any) in order to get the same model on the table twice.

Also, keep in mind that spawned creatures like this are not technically part of the army and therefore are not required to be set up during Appearance judging. So even if you didn't finish all of them, or get them to a completely finished state, they wouldn't count against you in terms of your Appearance score. If you did feel like including any of your spawn models for the judges you can - we leave that up to you.

So bottom line is, ideally they are painted. They are not part of the army and do not need to be placed on the table for paint judging unless you want to. Therefore, you could technically get away with half-finished spawn models at the convention without losing any points.

Warhammer 40K Team Tournament Questions

How is the assignment of Wolf Guard handled in the Warhammer 40K Team Tournament?
Wolf Guard are assigned prior to the start of the game. For the purposes of the Warhammer 40K Team Tournament, the game is defined after table assignments have been posted. This means you may share Wolf Guard with your current Space Wolves Coalition partner only and may not assign them to units on the other table.

If both players in a Coalition are fielding Death Company, do they still need to combine into one unit?
This question is in reference to the 2010 Warhammer 40K Team Tournament rules. Death company are handled differently in the new Blood Angles codex, thus that clarification has been stricken from the Team Tournament rules.

While 2 Team Members play together in a single entity called a Coalition, it is still comprised of two individual 1000-point forces.

Therefore, each Team Member can field 1 unit of Death Company as normal. This does make it possible for a maximum of 60 Death Company Marines (3+27 optional upgrades for each Team Member) to be involved in one Coalition. Although 30 Death Company Marines with Jump Packs is already more than 1000 points and are not Scoring Units...

Why was the ability to field multiple Forge World units removed from the Warhammer 40K Team Tournament?
There were a number of reasons driving this change:

1. The ability to spam certain units had a counterproductive effect on the direction of the event.

2. Imperial Armour units heavily favor Imperial Teams. By allowing unrestricted access to Imperial Armour units it creates an unfair advantage.

3. Imperial Armour unit rules are unfamiliar to a large portion of players and quite possibly even the judges at times. Last year we had the possibility of 440 or more Imperial Armour units in the event, this year we have limited that in order to make the event less arcane.

If all four Team Members are playing Imperial armies, there is no limit on Special Characters?
Correct. As long as your Team is comprised of all Imperial armies (Space Marine Variants, Imperial Guard or Daemonhunter/Witch Hunter allies) then each Team Member may field any number of Special Characters. The same holds true for all-Heretical and all-Xenos Teams. The only limitation is that your Team may not duplicate any single Special Character.

Does Team Member #1 still get a floating Force Organization option? Does it have to be an Imperial Armour Unit? What Force Organization slot does it need to come from?
The intention is for Team Member #1 to replace one of their normal Force Organization slots with a like slot from an Imperial Armour source.

There is no floating selection for that Team Member. Like last year, only 3 Team Members have the option of taking an extra unit. This year, the 4th member (or Team Member #1 in the rules packet) is the only player with access to Imperial Armour units. Example:

Team Member #1
  • 1 HQ
  • 0-1 Elites
  • 1-3 Troops
  • 0-1 Fast
  • 0-1 Heavy
If Team Member #1 wishes to field an Imperial Armour unit, he is still bound by the above Force Organization, however, he may field one Imperial Armour unit in any of those slots. That unit takes up the appropriate Force Organization slot like normal. If the unit does not take up a Force Organization slot, you can still take it in addition to the above Force Organization, however that fulfills your one Imperial Armour unit allotment.

How are Sagas, Wargear and Psychic Powers handled in a pure Space Wolves Team? Are the restrictions applied to individual 1000-point armies or across the entire 4000 points?
1. Team Members must build a 1000-point force adhering to the Warhammer 40K Team Tournament Force Org and all restrictions within their given codex. So, for Space Wolves Team Members that means: No duplicate Sagas (unless one character is Special/Unique/Named), no duplicate wargear and no duplicate psychic powers within each 1000-point Team Member list.

2. These restrictions are per Team Member, not the overall Team.

3. Special/Unique/Named Characters that are taken by any Team Member and somehow modify the Force Org, affect ALL Team Members.

4. During Games: Wargear and abilities that affect your Coalition's forces do NOT stack.

Can you explain how the Brothers in Arms, Wargear and Special Abilities work between players in a Coalition. For example: How does a Big Mek's Kustom Force field affect the other players on my Team if one is also Ork, but the other two are say Tyranids and Eldar? Can Acute Sense be used on an Eldar unit?
Brother is Arms is defined as: For the purposes of the AdeptiCon Warhammer 40K Team Tournament, units purchased from the EXACT SAME CODEX are considered ‘Brothers in Arms’.

The Team Tournament rules state: Special Abilities (other than alterations to the Force Organization) that would affect an entire 'army' or 'friendly units' may affect both Team Members of a 2-player Coalition if their forces are considered to be 'Brothers in Arms', but will not affect forces in the other Coalition on a different table. Example: Vulcan's special ability counting all Melta, Flamer, and Thunder hammers, as master crafted would apply to any Coalition units purchased from Codex Space Marine. It would not apply to the other two Team Members playing on a different table, or units purchased from any other codex.

So - to your example: If both Team Members playing Orks are in the same Coalition and on the same table, then the Big Mek's Kustom Force Field will affect your Ork teammate and provide his units with cover saves. The Kustom Force Field has no bearing on the other table/coalition. The Kustom Force Field WILL NOT affect any Tyranid or Eldar units in a Coalition since they are not considered Brothers in Arms.

Your Swarm Lord question is the same deal. For the purposes of the Team Tournament, 'Friendly Units' are defined as units originating from the exact same codex, so Acute Senses can only benefit other Tyranid units in a Coalition.

Also - keep in mind: Wargear and abilities that affect your Coalition's forces DO NOT stack. That is to say, if two Kustom Force fields are overlapping on the same table, the units under both would still only receive one cover save.

Can each Team Member on a pure Blood Angels Team take a Chapter Banner and would units gain +2 attacks if they were range of both Chapter Banners in any given game?
Each Team Member that fields Sanguinary Guard or Honour Guard may purchase a Chapter Banner as normal, however you cannot benefit twice from the same piece of wargear. Wargear and abilities that affect your Coalition's forces DO NOT stack, so even if a unit was in range of two Chapter Banners, that unit would only receive +1 Attack.

Since Chapter Banners and Company Banners are different pieces of Wargear, an Honour Guard unit in close combat bearing a Company Banner and within range of a Chapter Banner would gain +1 Attack, re-roll failed Morale/Pinning tests and count as scoring one extra wound when calculating the assault result.

Can armies like the Black Templars or the Dark Angels purchase a Razorback from the Imperial Armour books?
No. Armies that have an entry for a specific unit in their codex must purchase that unit from their codex. Variant units as presented in Imperial Armour are generally ok, but make sure to check the AdeptiCon 2011 Allowable IA/Apoc Units Rules first.

This is not due to any possible issues of game balance, but rather because it would be horribly confusing to have some players using one set of rules (the codex Razorback) and other players using another set of rules (the Imperial Armour Razorback). Additionally it would even be possible for a player to field units from each source, creating even more confusion and the potential for abuse.

Not only would it be confusing to the players, but it would next to impossible for the judges to properly calculate if points were added correctly if there are multiple entries for the same unit, each with a different points values.

Is the Necron phase out number determined by the individual Team Member or per Coalition?
Pure-Necron Coalitions calculate their phase out number per Coalition at the beginning of the game.


  1. Team Tournament question:

    Teams consisting of 4 Heretical Armies, may a greater deamons be summoned from any team members aspiring champions ? Can team member 1’s greater Deamon be summoned out of Team member #2 aspiring champion (assuming they are on the same table)?

  2. @Tyler

    There are two possible situations in a pure Heretical team.

    1. If a Coalition (that is two Team Members playing on the same table) consists to two Codex: Chaos Marine armies, then the answer is yes. This is covered under the Brother in Arms special rule.

    2. If a Coalition consists of Codex: Chaos Space Marines AND Codex: Chaos Daemons, the the answer is no. While these armies are allowed to share icons for the purposes of summoning deamons (a special tournament rule), they are NOT Brothers in Arms (same codex) and therefore the Chaos Daemons cannot use the Aspired Champion/Possession rules from Codex: Chaos Space Marines.