To Rebase or Not

Unlike Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer Ancient Battles never put out a definitive set of guidelines that stated: 'you must put this type of model on that sized base'. For two years now, my Early Imperial Roman infantry have been on 25mm bases, while the cavalry used 25mmx50mm bases. In terms of cavalry basing, that is considered normal, however it’s much too big for the infantry when compared to other players’ 20mm bases.

Every game I’ve played I've had good opponents, who allowed me to fudge the physical results. I had situations where I had 6 infantry frontage facing his 6 infantry, and I’d overlap by 30mm (over a base’s extra width). My opponent would allow me to fight back, but it was always a pain. Looking at it, you'd see one of my infantry facing no enemy. Nothing lined up correctly. The good opponents allowed me to fight back (as it is six infantry on six infantry). I decided that it was time for a change.

The trick was getting the models, unharmed, off of the old bases. The bases were wood with magnets on the bottom. The wood made it a lot easier to remove the models. I sat them in water, just up to the level of the bases, and waited. The wood expanded and the glue did not. After six hours, the figures popped right off. Next, it was just a matter of rebasing on to 20mm bases. I chose the excellent Shogun Miniatures bases (they gave a sample in the AdeptiCon 2010 Swag Bag, and I liked the sample, so I bought a ton of the bases and movement trays). Their bases are plastic, with magnets underneath. They also make movement trays, either flat steel, or steel with curled edges on three sides, like Games Workshop movement trays.

Once glued, it was just a quick matter to paint and add flocking. In my case, sandaled Romans require mostly sand. They’re ready for the table again, and mighty sharp now that they stand closer together! Ave Legio X!

- Don Perrin

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  1. Excellent advice Don- I didn't even take a close look at those Shogun bases, but I will now. Have to get those old Saxons(doesn't AC call them Morlocks) off the 25mm wood they are on now... just in time for the Campaign game!