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Even before pre-registration opens, we receive a fair number of emails inquiring about the events for the upcoming convention. Shortly after pre-registration opens, we are often besieged by more specific requests for information. These questions often deal with the act of registration, the legality of certain units, the clarity of the draft rules and a whole host of other topics. Over the years, certain questions get asked repeatedly, and while we have attempted to integrate answers to the most common of these questions into our registration instructions and event rules, there is simply no way to cover everything.

Below are 20 recent questions we have received concerning the various Warhammer 40K events at AdeptiCon 2011. By no means is this a comprehensive list of queries received, but they cover the more common questions we have seen repeated in various forms over the past several months.

It is our hope that this will be an ongoing series of posts, each covering a different game system. If you have a question regarding any aspect of AdeptiCon, please drop us a line!

Warhammer 40K General Questions

Do you need a Weekend Badge just to observe or shop in the Vendor Hall?
Absolutely not! AdeptiCon has always fully encouraged spectators of all ages. The Weekend Badge is only required if you plan on playing in an event, attending a seminar or entering the Crystal Brush Painting Competition. The gaming and vendor halls are otherwise open to the public. Of course no Weekend Badge also means no Swag Bag...

Is it acceptable to create your own Space Marine chapter (color scheme/name) and use a specialized Marine codex (i.e. Space Wolves or Blood Angels) to represent that chapter?
Absolutely. DIY Marine Chapters are 100% acceptable as long as they follow all the other Model Policy rules.

Does WYSIWYG extend to compulsory equipment? For example, do Chaos Marine players need to represent a bolter, a bolt pistol, and a close combat weapon on their standard Chaos Marines, as they come equipped as such? Or is compulsory equipment assumed?
The main compulsory/special weapon should be modeled. In the example you gave, the Bolter should be modeled. The Bolt Pistol/Close Combat Weapon are options, but assumed. Of course you are free to model any additional compulsory/purchased equipment on the models if you so wish.

I have registered for a couple of events and selected an army to play when registering for those events. Am I locked into those armies or can I change them prior to the start of the event?
You can change the selected army at any point during the pre-registration period (which ends on Friday, March 11th, 2011 at 17:00 CST). To change an attribute related to an event, simply send us an email containing your order number and the requested changes.

I was curious if I could use my square-based Daemons in the Warhammer 40K events at AdeptiCon.
Yes this has been allowed in past AdeptiCon Warhammer 40K events (and will be in 2011). Daemon models come provided with round AND square bases, so either is acceptable to use.

Will the new Grey Knights codex be legal at AdeptiCon 2011?
New codices that are released prior to March 1st, 2011 will be allowed in all AdeptiCon 2011 Warhammer 40K events.

Warhammer 40K Team Tournament

How many Teams in total are participating in the event this year?
110 total Teams/440 players.

Does the Avatar count as a special character for the Team Tournament?
There is nothing in the Eldar codex that states the Avatar is Unique or a 0-1 character, so he is not considered a special character in the Team Tournament.

Is the Eldar Night Spinner from White Dwarf usable at the Team Tournament?
Yes. The Night Spinner can be used following the rules presented in White Dwarf 365. Make sure to bring a copy of those rules with you!

Is there any way for us to change our Team name or Team Members?
You can change your Team name at any point during the pre-registration period (which ends on Friday, March 11th, 2011 at 17:00 CST). Team Members can be changed at anytime as long as the new addition has purchased a Weekend Badge. To change your information related to your Team, simply send us an email containing your order number and the relevant changes.

If two members of a coalition use drop pods, do they combine to create the waves? For example, Player A has two drop pods and Player B has one, could Player B have his pod drop land in turn two?
Per the Team Tournament rules, while Team Member's list are considered to be individual lists when constructed:

A Coalition fights as a single entity during the course of the game. This means that each Coalition will perform all of their movement, shooting, and assaults simultaneously.

To that end, Coalitions where both Team Members have access to Drop Pods are treated as a single entity when determining waves/reserves. Combine all units that have the Drop Pod rule in the Coalition, and then determine which half arrive on Turn 1. The reminders arrive from Reserves as normal.

Warhammer 40K Championships

I am 15 and want to play in the Warhammer 40K Championships at AdeptiCon. Is there any minimum age to compete in the Warhammer 40K Championships?
There is no age limit on any of our events, save the Warhammer 40K Youngbloods event on Sunday which is only for attendees 16 and under. You are welcome to compete in any of the other events if you feel you are up to it.

What happens if I do not qualify for the finals on Sunday?
Never fear! Like always, AdeptiCon will offer a virtual smorgasbord of events on Sunday. SundayWarhammer 40K events will include the age-old Gladiator, Kill Teams, Combat Patrol and more! Additionally, there will be a myriad of events spanning multiple game systems to satisfy all your wargaming needs. In order to guarantee your complete weekend schedule, you areencouraged to purchase tickets for other Sunday events in advance. If you qualify for Sunday’s Warhammer 40K Championships, AdeptiCon will refund all other Sunday event tickets onsite.

Warhammer 40K Gladiator Tournament

I see that Eldar and Dark Eldar Forge World/Apoc units are listed together in the IA/Apoc Allowable Units list. Are Dark Eldar allowed to take Eldar Forge World/Apoc models?
No. The armies listed under the ARMIES column are the only armies that are allowed to take the unit.

That said, Dark Eldar only have access to two units and one unit (the Void Dragon Phoenix) is available to both the Eldar and the Dark Eldar.

Can a sidebar add to existing units in the 1750-point list, even if neither is a legal selection on their own? For example, could my 1750-point list have a Tatical Squad without a Sergeant and both my 500 point sidebars have differently equipped Sergeants to add to the main list?
"500 point side bars are two separate lists that can be used to expand on your 1750 base list."

Sidebars must consist of legal units, even if the lists themselves are not legal lists.

Warhammer 40K Combat Patrol

I have a specific question regarding allowable troop units with more than 2 wounds. Are Tervigons allowed to be taken if they are taken with a Termagaunt squad allowing them to be taken as troops.
Absolutely not, Tervigons are Monstrous Creatures, which are not allowed. For that matter, Mycetic spores are also not allowed.

Are Tyranid Warriors allowed seeing that they meet the troop requirement but have 3 wounds?
Yes, Tyranid Warrior Broods are allowed. Primes and Shrike broods are NOT allowed as they have more than 3 wounds and are not troops.

Can I take a drop pod as a dedicated transport in the Warhammer 40K Combat Patrol events since it has a max armor facing of 12?
Yes you may take a drop pod as a dedicated transport.

If I take 5 Death Company, I may take a Death Company Dreadnought (max armor facing of 12) as a troop choice. Is this legal in the Warhammer 40K Combat Patrol event?
Yes you may take a Death Company Dreadnought as a troop choice, but remember neither your Death Company Marines nor the Dreadnought count as scoring units.

Are the awards for Warhammer 40K Combat Patrol events for each Combat Patrol tournament or just for the best of all the tournaments combined?
There will be separate awards for each session of Combat Patrol.

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