Necromunda Tournament & Inquisimunda

As 2010 draws to a close, I've been pretty busy finalizing the material for Inquisimunda's release and haven't had much personal time to focus on AdeptiCon, to my determent. It's been a long, slow road to get everything compiled to the point where I've felt it adequate for more general release and I find myself still working on certain supplements and constantly in a battle on the decision to tweak the listings and assorted supplements.

Part of the work is coming up with an expanded scenario listing to take into account all the myriad encounters "life outside the hive" encompasses. One of the strengths of Necromunda is the ability for a GM or event organizer to come up with a series of linked scenarios that can have just enough of a narrative element to tell a story, without having to involve the players in the trap of a full-on role-playing game. Unlike Warhammer 40K, Necromunda has enough force personalization where the player actually feels involved in the larger action and that each win or loss effects the story itself, not simply their own place within that story.

To this end, I'd like to start taking players beyond the confines of the Underhive in a narrative fashion. It's one thing for a player to come up with some backstory as to how his Necromunda gang is suddenly transformed into an Inquisimunda Underworld Element or Inquisitorial warband. It's far more fun and interesting to have a series of linked scenarios taking a player's gang from its humble beginnings in Hive Primus (or some other Imperial backwater), through its trial by fire, and having it emerge as agents of the Inqusition, or members of a Void Pirate crew, or even the beginnings of an underground Genestealer cult.

This year's Necromunda tournament will be designed to take regular Necromunda players and introduce them to the world of Inquisimunda. Consisting of a series of linked scenarios (4-5 in total) that will take a new gang through a series of shadowy battles and ultimately force them to choose sides in the war between humanity and its aggressors.

Players should expect the normal AdeptiCon Necromunda rulings to be in effect (links to copies of the previous years' rules are available below) but the scenarios will have a bit of an "Inquisimunda-lite" twist thrown in.

This will be the third year I've had the satisfaction of running the Necromunda tournament and, though it's a lot of hard work (and it doesn't always turn out the way one wants it to), it's a lot of fun. Players will receive a copy of the rules packet upon entry to the tournament and the scenario pack will become available over on my blog, Empire of Ghosts, and on the AdeptiCon site shortly after the convention ends.

The previous year's scenario packets are available below:
AdeptiCon 2009 Necromunda Tournament
AdeptiCon 2010 Necromunda Tournament

- Jeremy Olsen, Necromunda Tournament Organizer

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