Time To Get Serious!

With AdeptiCon 2011 pre-registration going live a little over three weeks ago, things got hectic around here very fast! In the ensuing madness that was the collection, correction and collation of everything that goes into getting pre-registration ready, the Development Blog suffered from a lack of regular updates. This void is something we aim to remedy in short order. We have a number of new articles currently in the works and hope to be back on schedule by the upcoming holiday. If there is any subject you would like us to particularly address, please let us know!

Meanwhile, AdeptiCon 2011 pre-registration is out of the gate and well over the hill by now. The Warhammer 40K Team Tournament sold out in less than three weeks, the Warhammer 40K Championships is quickly approaching its 256 player limit and a whole host of hobby seminars are already at maximum capacity. Almost every event is filling up at a rate five to ten times faster than the previous year…not to mention we are well over the halfway point in terms of guaranteed full swag bags. If you are considering attending in 2011 and haven’t registered yet, I wouldn’t delay much longer! All the important registration links can be found in the previous post.

In slightly older news that bears repeating: We are teaming up with the gang over at CoolMiniOrNot to host the Crystal Brush 2011 Awards at AdeptiCon 2011. Here's your chance to compete for unheard-of cash prizes: $10,000 for first place, $2,000 for second, and $1,000 for third. You can find the rules and other details about this amazing competition on the Crystal Brush website.

Also make sure to check out the AdeptiCon website for news relating to the Flames of War Mid-War Nationals and The Independent Characters coverage of the Warhammer 40K Championships!

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