AdeptiCon: All Year Round

An eleventh I know: if haply I lead my old comrades out to war, I sing 'neath the shields, and they fare forth mightily safe into battle, safe out of battle, and safe return from the strife.

No need to wait for April! AdeptiCon got started earlier this summer for Warhammer Ancients players with the Dark Age online campaign. For a second year, AdeptiCon is sponsoring a year-long event, letting players get their game on prior to the big weekend. The Dark Age campaign simulates the turbulent years between the fall of Rome and the ascendance of the modern nation state. Vikings and Arabs, Normans and Byzantines: kingdoms rise and fall on the tip of a sword. Players battle to not only secure their realm, but also to raid any and all that come before them.

We are currently four months into the campaign, and the grand prize remains up for grabs! There are five months remaining - plenty of time to sign up, whip the local competition and seize your kingdom!

If you are interested in participating in the campaign, send us an email and be sure to include the following information:
  • Name (Required)
  • Screen Name (if different)
  • Location
  • Kingdom (Required)
  • Primary Army list
  • Historical Case of Army
  • Army Notes: photos, figure manufacture, paint tips
Designing an online campaign presents a unique set of challenges. Players are scattered and may never meet during the course of the campaign. Players may come and go during over the months – events cannot be tied to any one participant. Players need some sort of reason/motivation to interact – strategic planning is the heart of any good campaign.

The solution is a two-part rules set. Players score points for winning victories in any game, against anyone. Players are also eligible to raid any other kingdom with each victory. These raids apply a negative score to the kingdom's controlling player. This gives players a reason to watch their co-competitors in other states as the games play out - and don't think that sitting idly by will save you from raids - More than one kingdom sits in ruins with a negative score!

AdeptiCon 2011 will feature two Warhammer Ancient Battles events. Saturday will see the return of the venerable Singles Tournament (2000 points, 3 games), while sunday will feature the ever-popular Doubles Tournament (2 player teams, 1000 points per player, 3 games).

- Rich Nelson, Open Gaming Coordinator

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