Wisdom for Wanderers and Counsel to Guests

Welcome to the AdeptiCon 2011 Development Blog! This site will serve as a means to disseminate information regarding the development and planning of the convention as it enters its ninth year. Additionally, this site will allow us to discuss things such as event history, theory and the convention’s take on certain ‘hot button’ issues that might not truly be considered news in relation to the convention proper. Much of what is to follow has been in the works for many months and is the accumulation of hundreds of constructive emails, adaptations in game systems, conversations with other event organizers and most importantly attendee feedback.

While the contents of this site and the ideas of adaptation are nothing new for the organizers of AdeptiCon, we felt it would be a great way to reach out the community at large and move beyond the point of ideas being resigned to emails, planning meetings, buried in forums or lost in comment systems.

There has been a ton of great discussion out there lately concerning the nature of certain game systems, the structure of events and the validity of tournament formats. Over the past few years we have also seen the independent scene explode with a number of fantastic new events. We find all of this incredibly exciting and invigorating for both the community and AdeptiCon. As Archibald Tuttle so eloquently put it, "Listen, kid, we're all in it together".

Up Next: Putting the Champion Back in Championships!

Onwards and upwards!
See you in April!


  1. This seems like a very good idea, to take this approach. On this basis, above all other considerations, I will Follow, and thus add you to my BlogRoll. Unless we fall out in a major way. ;)

  2. I've been an avid fan and attendy for the past four years, but with the event schedule change it won't be possible this year. There is 12 members of my gaming club that won't be attending either due to your schedule change. We always came up on friday to play in the team event(which we sported 3 teams)and the championship on Sunday.

    With your change in venue this won't be possible. We can't justify another night of Hotel costs (2 nights if placed in the qualifier for Sunday), extra vacation days to attend, plus other misc. expenses to do the same thing we did in years past. It's a sad day in the midwest.

  3. The schedule isn't out yet. There will be a ton of stuff going on Sunday....40K Gladiator Tournament, Killzone, Combat Patrol and possibly a podcast challenge event or other small event...and that is just on the 40K side of things.

    Something had to be done with the 40K Championships, and while we fully realize we might lose a few out-of-town attendees due to the early start on Friday, the event just didn't work on Sunday anymore. We had 299 players sign up for it last year and trying to force that into 3-rounds over two separate tournaments on an already shortened Sunday...just didn't do the event justice.

  4. Sorry about the above delete, trying to figure out how to post and screwed up.

    I too feel that out-of-towners have been thrown to the wayside. I've attended the past 4 years only to realize that the trip and further expense just aren't possible anymore. It seems that Adepticon is now trying to cater to "locals". The 40k championships was always the highlight of my weekend and the team tourney was just a primer for this event. With the championships being "topdog" in attendance, it would seem more plausible to move other events around it, ie move the team tourney to friday and hold the qualifier saturday with the finals on sunday. I agree with Necronguy1964 in that it is a sad day in the Midwest and for out-of-towners. Unfortunately my gaming group will not be attending also. I hope that in the future that the organizers will realize what truley makes this weekend (40k tourney) and adjust the schedule accordingly. Not to downplay the other games or events, but even GW realizes that 40k is the "Top Dog" of games and the moneymaker... not that money should be the issue.

  5. H.O.D
    Ok. The top attendance event at AdeptiCon is the 40K Team Tourney event not the Championship. The 40K Team Tourney is the largest 40K event in the world at 440 players. It has been 90+ team event for a number of years now and exceeded 400 players several years ago. The Championship broke 200 players for the first time this past year. Given that the 40K Team Tourney is the priority for the majority of our 40K attendees that has to cement it squarely in the Saturday time slot. However it was clear last year there was an issue with a 240 person "Championship" event on a Sunday over 3 rounds was not being viable. We also had an additional 59 players on the wait list. Splitting the field last year and devoting another set of resources to run it was the best solution available to us given the short time frame but it was clear something had to change. The simplest solution would have been to just add a 4th game to the Sunday schedule and extend the event into the later evening. However, that would have significant consequences for our out of town guests. Most of our out of town guests are flying out Sunday night or have to get on the road so it is critical that the Sunday schedule wrap up by late afternoon. Another option would have been capping the event at 140 or so players. Considering we had close to 300 players interested last year that didn’t seem like a good option.
    Ultimately, we decided to move the Championship to Friday which could better accommodate a 4 game format. That decision was made in part on last years registration which saw a large percentage of our attendees arrive Thursday evening. This was not our "local" guys. Local guys just drive in on Friday. The over 400 people we ran through registration Thursday evening are guys that flew or traveled long distances to attend. To our surprise by early Friday morning the majority of our registration was actually over for the weekend. . Thursday is the new Friday for AdeptiCon and after nine years, the event has grown that we can support a full 3 day format.

    But hey, we also understand that on Sunday there has to be stand alone 40K offerings. Which is why there are more 40K offerings on Sunday than ever before for folks to get their "40k Championship" fix. Don’t press the panic button yet folks your still going to be able play 3 solid games of 40K under a variety of formats on Sunday.

    AdeptiCon 2011 will hands down be the best AdeptiCon yet from games played, special guests, total prize support, swag bag, terrain,.. and return of an old favorite...the Codicer contest. 2011 will make past AdeptiCons look like a Hall of Heroes RTT event from 2003. Ok well not really but we got some amazing things planned that I would not want to miss : )

    Hank Edley
    AdeptiCon Board of Directors